Cabin Crew Layovers in Amsterdam


THEY SAY Amsterdam is city of sins but i say its a city of freedom
Freedom to do what makes you happy ,freedom to be yourself.

 Top Things to do in Amsterdam

1.) Amsterdam Central Station


Well if you are in Amsterdam ,there is 90 percent chance you might start your day from Amsterdam central station.If you see my blog I’m really fond of railway stations in Europe.
I’m kind of actually addicted to it.The frontage of this one is really beautiful .

2.) Anne Frank Museum .


If you are fan of Anne Frank , then this might be a must visit for you.Imagine the House where Anne Frank wrote her diary , where she was hiding.Yes the house is now a museum.
Advice: buy your tickets online to avoid long queues.

3.)I Am Amsterdam


This is a Ritual for everyone who comes to Amsterdam.
The I Am Amsterdam sign with red and white colors is so cool that its hard not click a picture with it.There are around 3 signs in the city , but the best known one is right behind the Rijksmuseum.

4.)Amsterdam Canals


IF you have been to Amsterdam you surely know what I’m talking about.The city is full of these beautiful canals where you can rent a nice boat , grab some Heineken Beers , Play some loud muzik and sail around the city.Personally i love walking by the canals and see how the life goes by .

5.)Keizersgracht and Leidsegracht


For me this was the Best canal in the city.
There is small cafe by the canal where you can have glass of Red wine and also get some nice pictures .



Churches are my another addiction when I’m in Europe.
Westerkerk may not be as ostentatious as other churches in Europe but you could always stop by as it is few meters away from Anne Frank House .



This Neighborhood is famous for one thing COFFEE SHOPS
Yes the square hosts Holland’s best coffee shop “The BullDog ”.It has cafes, bars and some cool shops.I love the street scene here.

8.)Oude Kerk


This is the old church in Amsterdam .But you know what is interesting is the location of this church ,it is situated right in the centre of the red-light district.So when you walk out of it , you might be amused to see things which are normally you don’t find near church.



Amsterdam is a also a city of museums .This one is my favorite museum and love the architecture .

10.) Royal palace


The Royal Palace situated on Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam was originally built as the city hall for the burgomasters and magistrates of Amsterdam.The color of the palace has changed from white to black.There is some hope that cleaning will start soon and beautiful palace will glow back to its original beauty .



Im sure by now you are tired and would like to munch on something, then why not Stroopwafel .
Stroopwafels are Dutch waffles made from two thin layers of baked batter with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle.
Invented in the 18th century by the dutch these small little waffles are eaten by mostly everyone in Holland .Just before it is eaten, the stroopwafel is often placed on top of a cup of hot tea or coffee in order to soften it up. The filling then melts making the Stroopwafel more tasty.

12.) Heineken beer


Beer lovers this one is for you. Amsterdam is the home to Heineken the 3 biggest beer brand in the world.Make sure you have this one either in the Heineken factory or by the canal wherever it makes you feel good .

13.)Dutch Fries


If you thought only France and Belgium made good fries, then this might come as surprise to you. The dutch fries might not be as famous as the above 2 but then it is as Scrumptious and appetizing one can imagine.Also all the foods in Amsterdam always taste like heaven if you know what i mean.Make sure you try the Chilly Mayonnaise sauce.

14.) Red Light District .


This should have been number 1 but i kept it down for a reason.As night takes over the day and sun sets, This place in city wakes up to new morning where hundreds of tourists flock to see the Girls behind the Glass doors.This is the Red Light District Of Amsterdam.In Amsterdam there is no Shame and everyone has freedom to do what they like.

15.) Coffee Shops .



Amsterdam is famous for 2 things;WEED AND PROSTITUTION.Coffee Shops are all round the city and trust me they sell everything{except hard drugs } which is pretty much banned in most of the countries.Sounds Unreal right but Space cakes, Weed , Cannabis sticks , mushrooms are some of the stuff to name.

16.)Dutch Cheese


Holland is often called the Land of tall people and Abundant cheese.One thing the dutch cant live without is cheese, ask any local about cheese and their heart will melt saying how much they love cheese.Cheese is at the heart of Holland’s culture and they have been making cheese for thousands of years.Dutch say cheese is one of the reason for them being tallest.I have always said cheese is healthy.
Gouda and Edam are my favorites.


Time = GMT + 1

Currency = Euro

Capital = Amsterdam

Airport = Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

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