Cabin Crew Layovers in Baku

BAKU – The Capital City Of Azerbaijan

Baku is city that divides opinion , its a city where east meets the west. Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan which was once a part of Iran and Soviet union .But after the independence , its fate changed and how .Baku now is booming with its oil and gas industry, its classy infrastructure which might make you think you are in Dubai.
Baku was also where the Zoroastrians stayed for a long time Zoroastrian is a religion where you worship fire.Baku derives its name from Persian word Bad-kube meaning windy city .

Things you can do on a Layover in Baku

1.)Inner city {Iccheri Seher }


The Icheri Seher is old city built in the 12th century.It houses Maiden tower and palace of Shrinivishah. It is the walled city with narrow streets , historic houses ,cafes , carpet shops and place where you can loose yourself in time .

2.)Maiden tower.


This is the much loved symbol of the entire Azerbaijan.
Standing tall looking at the Caspian sea ,this tower has its own mystery.No one knows the exact date when this tower was built.All we have is theories, some say 6th century and some say 12th.It is also believed that maiden tower might have been a fire temple of Zoroastrians which would make it the biggest fire temple in the world .
A local cabin crew friend of mine told me that most Azeri parents still like to tell their children the tower’s legend of a maiden who was in love with a handsome man. Refusing her overwhelmed father’s wish to marry his daughter, she threw herself off the tower into the lapping waters of the Caspian Sea.The tower has witnessed a lot and now is open to the public.Make sure you climb up to enjoy the spectacular view of the city.

3.) Ateshgah Temple {Fire temple }


One of the more unique and popular tourist sites in Baku is the Zoroastrian Fire worshipping temple located just 10 minutes from the Baku airport in surkhane village. The fire come from underground Atashgah (“Place of Fire” )

People worshipped fire, seeking protection against adversity and oppression and begging it for happiness and well being.This fire temple goes back to 643 when the Zoroastrianism was the dominant religion in this region.After arab invasion lot some of the Zoroastrians who did not accept Islam and left for india.Then came the hindus in late 18th century when they started worshipping at this fire temple which is why you will see lot of hindu inscriptions in Sanskrit.This should be a must visit in your itinerary when you are in Baku .

4.)Baku Sea Boulevard



Baku is beautiful city and to walk along the caspian sea is incredible.I like to spend my evenings here watching the sunset and the beautiful flame towers.It reminded me so much of Marine drive in Bombay.Every thing was same, the people , the vibes , the sunset except for time which had changed .

5.) Bibi Heybat Mosque


The Bibi-Heybat Mosque on the outskirts of Baku has an unusual history. First of all, it was built to honor the sister of the 7th Shiite Imam Ali, and secondly, the mosque was destroyed during Stalin’s rule.
“Okuma Khanim’s was the sister of Imam who fled to Baku from bagdad in 7th century.She settled on the shores of caspian sea where she led a life of holy woman.After her death, rumors spread along the region about the grave of a holy women from Mohammed’s family and this led to the construction of the mosque.
The name given to the mosque was Bibi-Heybat because in those days it was not proper to call a woman by her first name. Okuma Khanim had a devoted servant named Heybat. In Azeri “bibi” means “aunt,” so calling the mosque “Bibi-Heybat” was the same as saying “the mosque of Heybat’s aunt,”

6.)Shirvanshah’s Palace


The palace which was built in the 15th century is located on the highest hill of the inner city. It houses a
a mosque, tomb of their ruler {Sultan Shirvanshah Khalilullah,} and a bathhouse .

7.)Teze bazaar


Up the road from the Heydar Aliyev Palace, there is one of the oldest Baku bazaars, called Teze Bazaar. This one is about 80 years old and is best known for the availability of fresh sturgeon and other seafood from the Caspian Sea.You can get a little disappointed because it not like the bazaars you see in tehran or Beirut or Istanbul where bazaars are past of daily life .However i like going to bazaars to stock some fresh fruits instead of buying from big stores.

8.)Mud Volcanoes


Do you know that there is something called Mud Volcanoes?
Mud volcanoes unlike the normal volcanoes are mostly cold and you can even touch them .Some people even bathe in the mud as there is a belief it cures all your skin problems.
Azerbaijan has around 350 mud volcanoes which is more than 50% of the worlds total volcanoes .

9.)Baku Flame Towers


If maiden tower is the symbol of Azerbaijan ,then Flame towers is the most important landmark of Modern Azerbaijan .These 3 Towers which are in the shape of FLAMES are mesmerizing and inspired by Azerbaijan’s ancient history of fire worshipping, and will illuminate the city and act as an eternal flame for modern Baku.They could be seen from almost all parts of the city.But as soon as the sunsets, these buildings starts burning, i mean not literally but they have LED’s on its exterior which screens flames of fire and this is really eye catching .

10.)Azerbaijan Carpet Museum


The Carpet Museum of Baku actually looks like a carpet.I told you about the Buildings of Azerbaijan and this one too is unique .It houses a collection of more than 10,000 pieces of carpets.

11.)Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center


Anyone who is coming to the Baku city from the airport cannot miss this building. Even taxi drivers turn their heads because its forms curve and churn.This is one the most unique buildings i have seen in my life. Designed in the shape of waves , this building has won design of the year 2014 .Baku is full of surprises,isn’t it!



Kutabs are among the most popular Azeri dishes, t. A kutab is essentially a lavash filled with savory stuffing while still raw, then folded in half and pan-fried. It is often served with a sprinkling of sumac on top, a red spice which imparts a lemony note.This can be found everywhere in the city.The most common kutab fillings are lamb and greens, with the occasional cheese or pumpkin. I managed to eat in my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

13.)Azeri Chai


When i first went to Iran i fell in love with irany chai.Azerbaijan as i knew was part of Iran and i had lot of expectations from their chai.
The Azeri chai is also brewed and Trust me the locals love their chai .It reddish black and you can add some sugar to it .Im totally addicted to it .

14.)Nargis Restaurant



The Nargis Restaurant which is in the main downtown is my favorite place to eat .It serves the Traditional Azeri cuisine most of which is  kebabs and local wines.The interior of this restaurant is like cave and it transports you back to a different era.The staff is really friendly , menus are both in english and Azeri. Traditional  food is really delicious but the only drawback it is quite dark inside .



Azerbaijan is the country of flames which i can say because of its rich oil and gas reserves , its fire mountains and mud volcanoes and Fire temples.It is country which has a treasure of history.
There are some countries which you go with no expectations and when you leave you have bag of memories,you have learnt new culture and a country which give you abundant love,Azerbaijan is one of those countries .

Quick Facts about Baku – The Capital City of Azerbaijan

Currency =Azerbaijani Manat {1USD =1.65 AZN}

Language= Azerbaijani





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