Cabin Crew Layovers in Brussels

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Top 10 things to do in Brussels


So it’s all been a bit hectic here over the few weeks.The past three weeks I’ve been to Spain, Croatia, China, Amsterdam, Brussels,  Norway and yep, you guessed it, Brussels again. I’m pretty exhausted, to be honest, but it’s been good. It’s been a mix of my Cabin crew job and also MY blog travel, so I’ve precisely been all over the place.
I did realize that I’m little good in finding some cool pLaces .I just had a 24 hours layover in Brussels and trust me it was enough for me to fall in love with the city
Brussels in short is a place to cheat on your diet and eat the most delicious food .


Top 10 things to do in Brussels

1.)The Grand Palace

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Grand Palace

This is more likely the heart of the city.The grand palace is square with Town halls and some beautiful buildings .It has lot of cafes and pubs. What i like to do is just grab a bottle of wine and sit by the palace just like the locals.Love the vibe here.


Top 10 things to do in Brussels



If you are in Belgium , you have to get your hands on Waffles .For me It is the second best health restoring food and provides 60% Health, 37.5 %Hunger, and 5% Sanity. There is waffle shop at every Corner in the city.They look so delicious and are yummy.If i had one last wish before i die, it would be to eat Belgium waffles.
My favorite place to eat waffle is Le Funambule , it is right next to Mennaken piss.

3.Belgium Frites

Top 10 things to do in Brussels


As i walked past the streets of brussels , there was this sweet salty sticky smell coming from everywhere and it was just pulling me to it , Yes the fries .I so long Queue of people standing outside this place and i joined them .Now I have a rule of thumb when I’m in a place I know little about. If there’s a queue of locals waiting for food, then that’s where I’m going. The place was Fritland. I ordered Frites with Mayonnaise and Chilly sauce .This Frites were scrumptious and melts in your mouth .I met a lady at my table , she was 73 and she has been eating frites all her life.She said that the french might have invited french Frites But Belgium Mastered it .

4.)Hot Chocolate

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Hot Choclate

I love hot chocolate and which place can be better than Belgium who love chocolates .I had the best hot chocolate in GoDiva one of my favorite chocolate brands .

It is surely one of the top 10 things to do in Brussel.


Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Tin Tin

Remember the cartoon The Adventures of Tin Tin? Well, Tin Tin is from Belgium.One of my favorite things to do is walking in small hidden streets , so I saw tons of Tin Tin street art all around the city for free, so keep your eyes open.


Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

It would not be nice if i don’t have a beer in Brussels. When you are in rome , do what the romans do .SO in brussels , everyone is drinking beer .They make more than 5000 different types of beer.I went to small cafe at the square and ordered a Glass of Stella .

7.)Manneken Pis

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Mannekein Pis

This normally comes a s surprise for most of the people , as there is so much hype of Manneken statue in brussels.But when you actually see it , it is a small statue of a boy who is peeing.He is much smaller than you would imagine, only two feet tall–it is funny na. However If you enjoy the statue, you could even take one home in the form of chocolate, or you could give it as a gift. Who wouldn’t love to receive a gift of a peeing statue in the form of chocolate, right?


Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Janneke Pis

Next on MY list is Jeanneke Pis, Manneken Pis’ little sister.
she is squatting on a fountain behind the bars at the end of small street just across derilium cafe .It is hard to find this one?


Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Zinneke Pis

Last up on the search for the pissing statues is the hardest one to find of all. Zinneke Pis, which is the dog. Manneken and Jeanneke trained their dog the only way they knew how–find a public place, and let it flow, although he is not actually a working fountain like the other two. Located along a quiet unassuming street, the dog was installed as a mascot for the city.

8).Everard ‘t Serclaes Monument

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

This statue, found on Rue Charles Buls in one of the Grand Place buildings, is another interesting attraction in Brussels.Legend has it that statue grants the wishes of anyone who touches it. It can’t hurt to try for yourself!Everard was a Brussels hero, who saved Brussels in 1356, but was later murdered by the Lord of Gaasbeek.

Its a must and one of the top 10 things to do in Brussels .

9.)Chocolate Shops

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Leonidas Chocolate

Your trip would be totally incomplete without trying the chocolates.Brussels would be the only city n the world with more then hundred chocolate shops in the city .There is a chocolate shop at every corner of the city . I was recommended by a friend a shop called Leonidas .I did buy a mix of all kinds of chocolates , but then i went to my favorite shop which was Godiva .I wanted to gift the girl i like now a small bag of dark chocolates hope she likes it .On other note I love chocolate and anyone who does this city is heaven for us .

10.) Brussels Town Hall

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Brussels Town Hall

It is located on the famous Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium.
There is a famous story about this building.The tower once it was completed had small error.
When you look at the building closely , it is immediately obvious that the tower isn’t located in the middle. According to the legend when the architect discovered his mistake, he committed suicide by jumping off the tower.

11.) Drinks at derilium Bar

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Derilium Bar

Top 10 things to do in Brussels

Street Drinking

It would really have been rude to not to check the night life of brussels . So we headed to a Derilium bar famous for having more than 1000 different brands of beer .The bar was buzzing and the music was electric and just loud enough to create an atmosphere, but quiet enough so that you could hear your friends speak! People danced near the door and all of us cabin crew sat around the tables outside. We ordered a big glass of red cherry beer ( a House favorite beer ).The dress code was relaxed and there wasn’t a hint of the attitude .I love the street scene , drinking on the tables on street is so my kind of place.

Top 10 things to do in Brussels


Bankrupted, quenched and Super tired I headed back to my hotel for a good sleep .
Also not to miss out is Brussels central station, Cathedral of St Michael and St Gudula and Notre Dame Brussels.


So there you have it! What to do with only a 1 day Layover in Brussels! Enjoy the food, beer and laid back atmosphere. I really enjoyed my short time in Brussels and I hope you will too!


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