Cabin Crew Layovers in Colombo


Colombo the city of Sun, Fun and Beer is one of my favorite layovers .It is the land of most welcoming people , the land which is blessed with rich culture and sheer beauty.15226487_10157844133670241_77558546_n


Top things to do in colombo

1.)Gangaramaya Temple


The 150 year old Buddhist temple Gangaramaya is somewhat fascinating with hundreds of buddha statues from all over the world.

2.) Old Dutch Hospital


Once a hospital then a police station and now it serves as a Food court with lots of cafes.Yes this is the history of dutch hospital , the oldest building in colombo.Sri lanka was once a dutch colony sometime in 1600 .This is my favorite place to eat lunch.

3.) Galle Face Green


Galle Face Green is long strict road along the sea.This is the ideal place for the local families to spend their evenings. There are ice cream stalls, balloon man,musicians etc.Watch the sunset either by the sea or at one of the famous bars in the 5 star hotels.
I like to drink a beer and watch the sunset over here.

4.) Beach Wadiya Cafe



The old school restaurant along the beach is treat for sea food lovers.All the cricketers come here to eat food and you can see from the hundreds of pictures hanging on the wall .The owner is in most of them and like to boasts about it .But what i really like about the restaurant is its ambience.You have to pass a railway crossing track to get there and trust me there are no signs so look on both the side for the trains .The outdoors is by the beach and menu is so small mostly the fresh fish caught by the fishermen .Grab a lions beer and some fish curry.

5.)Beira Lake


The lake is right in the city centre and is really beautiful

6.)Colombo Fort Railway Station


The fort railway station is the oldest in the city and has trains to all the major cities in Sri Lanka.

7.)Pettah Market ,


This street is filled with beautiful colored houses.Something you don’t see in Asia and also has a market next to it.



The elephant orphanage situated around 90 kms from colombo is good get away from the city .The place has elephant orphanage where they take care of them,and regularly bathe them.You can also feed the baby elephants over here.

9.)Tuk TuK


The tuk tuk are almost everywhere and you should get ride in this 1 to get a feel of the city.


Quick Facts


Airport =Bandaranaike International Airport

Currency= Sri Lankan Rupee {1USD=147.70 LKR}


  1. Baba loved every bit of it … Mindblowin blog site .. u broke down everything so beautifully so tat every bit of the city was covered.. who Eva reads it n see all those lovely pics feels like one actually roaming in Colombo n ur the guide.. 😉 who Eva has nt been to Colombo u gave dem da perfect sneakpeak and weneva anyone goes there would get da déjà vu feeling since u made dem visit Colombo thru ur eyes.
    Keep up da good work lotsaa love … Full power to u baba.. v may talk less but v r connected wit da same intensity of mind that is simply seeing beautiful faces and places..

    • I love you baba
      Totally agree what you said we are connected baba:) and i know we will travel together 1 day
      Baba thankyou for such a sweet comment 🙂
      God bless you always baba

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