Cabin Crew Layovers in Oslo



Oslo is one of the least visited country in the Europe and also one of the most expensive countries in the world.Countryside of Norway is suppose to be more beautiful but the capital Oslo has its own charm.

These are some cool places to see on your Oslo layover

1.) Oslo Opera House


You would like your day to start with opera house.Situated at the harbor, this stunning looking monument is one of its kind and it looks like its rising from the water.
To get the best pictures go exactly opposite the street across the ocean.

2.)Oslo Cathedral


The Oslo cathedral is the main church of the Norway and one of the oldest.They say it is still used by the Royal family of Norway for public events.It is situated right in the middle of the city.Make sure also visit the Oslo bazaar next to it .

3.)Akershus Fortress


The castle was built in early 1300 to protect the capital city from enemies but was later captured by germans and used as prison.The fortress houses 2 museums,the beautiful Akershus church and a castle.A visit to Akershus Castle is a journey through the history of Norway from the past to the present day.Some say the castle is full of ghosts.

4.)City Hall


City Hall is another beautiful landmark of the city made of red concrete, the building has 2 towers one of them with a huge clock and the other with more then 30 bells which you can hear throughout the day .



Christiania was the Original name of Oslo and it was named after the king Christian IV of Denmark and Norway.In 1624 there was a major fire and half of the city was destroyed.t But then the king decided to rebuild the city ,one day he pointed to a spot and said “The new City will lie here”
Till now there is small statue of his pointing finger.Take a walk around christiania which still lies here near the fortress.

6.)The national theatre


Im big a fan of theatre and plays, so this was a place i couldn’t miss .Located in the quite corner of the city, its easy to miss this place but you shouldn’t miss it.Its roots can be traced back to time when Oslo was Christiana and it was known as Christiana theatre.It is really beautiful and looks magnificent.Every month there are still performances from the Norwegian artists.

7.)Vigeland park


Can you imagine a park with more then 200 sculptures made of bronze, copper and iron .Created by the famous sculptor Gustav Vigeland this park is the most visited place in Oslo.

8.)Karl Johans gate


Karl Johans gate is main street in Oslo downtown.The street is filled with bars, discos,shops,cafes and stores.Downtown Oslo is a bit of everything.Its around 4 km street which leads to the Oslo Palace.One of my favorite walking streets in Europe.

9.)Oslo Parliament


The yellow brick building is another example of how beautiful the architecture in Norway was.
Oslo parliament is right in the centre of the city and a must see.It looks more like a palace.

10.)Oslo palace


Oslo palace is right at the end of the Karl Johans gate.Built in 18th century this palace has witnessed legends who resided here.Today the king and the queen still stay here.The palace is open to public during the summers.



Jessheim is small town located close to the airport, if you have short layover or in a transit, this is the perfect pace to chill for few hours and see the simple life of Norway.Simple people, good food and Nature all around.This is the place i met my first girlfriend.

Quick facts

Currency =Norwegian Krone {1 USD= 8.3 NK }

Airport= Oslo Airport Gardermoen{OSL }

Time =GMT + 1


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