Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

1.) So what is Strukli?

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

Strukli is a traditional Croatian dish made of cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, and milk.It can be salty or sweet.It can also be baked or cooked, but I prefer the baked one.One can also add some Spinach or fruits too.

Strukli is a traditional Croatian dish served more often in households .The word  Strukli is roughly pronounced something like sh-troo-klee).It is a large Croatian pastry but many tourists tend to compare it to lasagne.

2.) Where to eat Strukli?

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

La Struk [Zagreb}

Zagreb the capital city of Croatia is known for serving the best Strukli in the country.I was recommended a place called “La Struk” in Zagreb which specializes in making Strukli

So one afternoon I reached La Struk in the old town and ordered a portion of Of baked Strukli. Moments later I was served a burning hot plate of melted cottage cheese and Soft dough.The first bite was enough to convince me that it was heaven.
Later I spoke to the chef of La Struk and he told me “Strukli” is a simple dish which is really easy to make.He said to me”listen KaranVeeR -Cows give you milk, hens give you eggs and we all have flour at home ” so all you have to do is bake or cook with love.
It’s filling and delicious too.

3.)Why La Struk

Strukli la struk

Interior garden La Struk

La struk is nestled in the medieval Skalinska Street,

The interior is divided into three parts – the main room is located outside on Skalinska Street,  and the other two areas are just off the street – the main small room with four tables and the last one is a beguiling garden area with few tables.

La struk Menu

La Struk Menu

As you try to find a seat, you will notice the dark and dowdy walls surrounding the area, don’t worry! Indeed these walls are a part of the historic medieval Kaptol fortification walls.So when you enjoy your hot plate of creamy Strukli, keep in mind that you’re sitting in a place filled with rich history.


4.)For my Indian Travellers

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

Baba eating in La Struk

Vegetarian travelers, get ready: you will be neither be starving nor surviving on the staples in Zagreb and here is how.Indian’s love cottage

Indian’s love cottage cheese especially the one’s who are vegetarians. Strukli is made of melted cottage cheese and cream.It’s a hardcore vegetarian dish and you can easily find it anywhere in Croatia.

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Traditional strukli in Zagreb

Demolish a hot plate of Strukli in Croatia

My favorite place to eat Strukli in Zagreb is La Struk. This is located at Skalinska the old town.
Above the door, I spotted a song in the Croatian language which my friend translated for me “Mama cooked some štrukli but it was overcooked “
Make sure to have Croatian beer.

 Croatian beer

Tomislav Beer

Tomislav beer is one of the strongest in the country with 7.3 % ALC and it is named after their king Tommy Slav who ruled Croatia some 1000 years back.How cool right?
A beer named after the KING.

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