Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma


For some nations, the national dish offers nothing more than pointless symbolism for the whole cuisine. For others, however, the national dish holds a far greater meaning and provides a more remote meaning to the whole national identity.The country of Burma (now known as Myanmar ) falls into this latter category.
If there is one thing that brings the whole nation together than it surely “Mohinga”

Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

1.)So what is Mohinga?

Burmese cuisine is largely influenced by its neighbors India, China and Thailand.
Imagine a dish in which you can have curry (Indian) seasoned with fish sauce (Thai) but still containing bounteous amounts of oil (Chinese). Well the result is Mohinga
In simple words, mohinga is a fish soup made with rice noodles.

Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

Burmese Breakfast “Mohinga”

The street vendors combine chickpea flour with a host of vegetables like onions, lemongrass, garlic, ginger and banana tree stem, then cook it in fish sauce. Then the stew is combined with rice vermicelli. Finally, the dish can be topped with a range of optional additions, including crispy fritters, chickpeas or a boiled egg.

2.)Where to Eat Mohinga?

Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

19th Street

You can easily find a bowl of Mohinga all over Myanmar.But my favorite place is Shangrila hotel in downtown Yangon.Mohinga is a more of breakfast dish and breakfast buffet in Shangrila offers the best Mohinga in town.

The other option is the streets and 19th street has various stalls which serve you this appetizing dish.Where ever you decide to eat, trust me you won’t be disappointed.

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3.)Verdict .


Devour Mohinga -the National dish of Burma

Small Burmese Cafe

Mohinga is a unique dish and that’s only because of one reason “Flavors”
A dish which is full of salty, sweet, sour flavors and all of them when combined they dance together in that big soup noodle bowl creating a flavor which has no name but its just so tasty.

It is hands down the best noodle soup I’ve ever had in my life and if I ever go back to Myanmar, my only purpose will be for Mohinga.

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