Eat the Famous Currywurst in Berlin

Eat the famous Currywurst in Berlin

German Currywurst in berlin

Currywurst and Berliner beer

My favorite way to explore a city is always troughed its food.This is why you will always find “must eat foods” in my blogs.Berlin the hipster city was no such exception, I tried all sorts of German foods and finally pinned down “The Currywurst”the best of all.Currywurst is best enjoyed with a glass of beer.I’m not a beer drinker and I have never tried the Currywurst so I was definitely broadening my taste buds.

2.)Why Germans love Currywurst?

Indian Traveller

Baba eating Currywurst

Everyone knows that Germans love beer and sausages.But what I didn’t know that is how much they love Currywurst!
It is estimated 800 million Currywurst are consumed every year in Germany, and on average a Berliner will consume currywurst every two weeks.
Germans have gone a step ahead and built a museum dedicated to “Currywurst”.

3.)So what is Currywurst?

Eat the Famous Currywurst in Berlin

Hot Currywurst with French Fries

Currywurst is the most famous street food in Berlin and it’s found in every corner of the city.
Imagine a huge sausage of pork cut into small pieces topped up with hot curry powder and seasoned with a secret sauce gives you the scummiest dish “The Currywurst”.

The secret homemade sauce is made of ketchup, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce and some spices.It’s best had when served with a bottle of nice German beer.
My favorite beer is the Berliner and is must have too.

4.) History Of currywurst?

Eat the Famous Currywurst in Berlin

The Lady who invented Currywurst

It was invented in 1949 by a lady called Herta Heuwer, who owned a food stall back then.She borrowed some Worcestershire sauce from the British soldiers and mixed with it some spices and ketchup.Later she topped up the Bratwurst {pork sausage} to give it a more exotic flavor.The dish soon became a hit among the construction workers and Germans from far way would come to her stall to eat it.
She finally named the Dish “Currywurst”.

5.)Where to eat Currywurst?

Eat the Famous Currywurst in Berlin

Curry 36

Curry 36 is so far my favorite place to the Currywurst.It’s super famous among the locals and in-fact Curry 36 itself sells over 800 sausages per day.Try their famous currywurst with the full heat sauce, this one is for the chilly lovers.I bet you won’t regret it 🙂 It’s open from 9:00 am to 5:00 am.

Curry 36 Berlin

6.)For my Indian travelers in Berlin

Tell any Indian the word curry and they would surely have a smile on their face.Yes, we Indians love curry but currywurst is far from the curry we eat in India.Currywurst is sausage, sauce, nd spice mixed together along with some mayonnaise dipped french fries.Sounds yummy right!

Vegetable Currywurst for Indians

Vegetable Currywurst

For my Indian vegetarians please don’t get disappointed.We do have Vegan Currywurst;
the vegetable sausage is among other ingredients made of seitan{wheat gluten}, wheat protein, and herbs.It’s then topped up with curry powder and seasoned with secret ketchup sauce.The vegan Currywurst was actually tasty and is a great alternative for the vegetarians.Its best eaten at Curry at the wall.I have feeling my Indian travelers would surely love this one 🙂

Curry at the wall


SO there’s nothing fancy about Currywurst, it’s a down to earth kind of food.Its food is eaten by the rich and the poor.Its’s actually that kind of food that brings people together, and everyone in Berlin loves it. Currywurst is an important part of the German culture, history, and tradition.

Eat the Famous Currywurst in Berlin

Currywurst in Breakfast with Champagne

In simple words
It is actually a very popular late night snack eaten during a drunken night after the club or a morning snack before you hit the office in Germany.
Currywurst with a German beer is a must when you are in Berlin Germany.

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