Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

1.)What is Lohikeitto?

Eating Lohikeitto in Helsinki

Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Lohikeitto in simple words is “ Finnish Salmon Soup “.
In the Finnish language,” lohi” means salmon and “keitto “means soup.
It is regarded as the ultimate favorite food in Finland.It’s a changeless classic made of salmon, potatoes, carrots, onions, and cream.It is typically seasoned with allspice and dill. Simple right?

2.)Why should you try this Finnish food?

Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Traditional Finnish Food

Only one reason is enough to eat this, the “Salmon”.Yes, Finland is blessed with an abundance of salmon and trust me one of the best salmon in the world.
I’m a die hard fan of Salmon and I enjoy it in salads, pasta, even curries and of course soups.

The Lohikeitto was exactly what I was looking for in Finland.The soup uses the cream as a base and has huge chunks of salmon.It is eaten with a rye bread and dash of salted butter.

3.)Where to eat Lohikeitto in Finland?

Finnish salmon soup


Helsinki the capital city of Finland serves the best Finnish cuisine in the country.Almost every restaurant in the city have Lohikeitto on their menu and trust me I know which one serves the best.
I went to this traditional Finnish restaurant named “Kappeli”.Its a 150-year-old restaurant which to my knowledge serves the best Finnish cuisine in the city.The place is really fancy and has a very old charming ambiance.
On one side it gives you the view of the market square and on the other side the Esplanade park.
The Lohikeitto here was truly appetizing and the rye bread along with salted butter was a perfect side dish.

Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Inside Kappeli

Tip; speciallyMake sure you get yourself a seat by the window.

4.)For My Indian Travelers

Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Finnish Pea Soup

Indian’s love soup especially the vegetable ones.So if you are a vegetarian and find yourself in Finland, don’t get disappointed because the most famous Finnish soup is actually a Vegetable soup made of PEAS

In Finnish it’s called Hernekeitto ja pannukakku .
The soup is made of fresh peas along with onions and herbs such as thyme and marjoram. It is usually eaten with some mustard, often accompanied by crisp rye bread.It is then followed by the pancakes with bilberry jam as a dessert.

It has been an old Finnish tradition to eat pea soup on Thursdays and it still continues today.

I’m sure my Indian travelers would love this one.


Eating Lohikeitto in Finland

Baba Loves Finnish Food

To sum up – Lohikeitto is definitely a winner among Finnish foods.By now I know why it’s so well liked by the Finnish people.It’s perfect for those cold winter evenings when one sip of this soup warms you instantly.
The soup is creamy and hearty, it is one of most nutritious soups I have ever had.

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