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History of china revolves around one city and its undoubtedly “Beijing”. Beijing has been the centre of point of many empires and Dynasties specially 2 of them -The Qing and Ming Dynasty .These were the last 2 dynasties of china and you would read about them at almost every tourist place you see in china.
So who were they?
The Ming and the Qing were consecutive dynasties of China. The Ming dynasty controlled China from 1368 until 1644. The Qing dynasty followed the Ming dynasty. Their reign started as the Ming reign ended in 1644 and terminated in 1912. The Ming and Qing were involved in many conflicts of their time. They took part in a lot of wars.Both the dynasty had different beliefs , values and visions.However at the end of 1912 the era of dynasty was over and this gave birth to the Republic of china .

Historic attractions in Beijing

1.)Forbidden city


Forbidden city to me is actually a maze of temples and shrines.This city served as the imperial palace for around 500 years for the Chinese emperors.This was one of the reason that palace earned its nickname of the Forbidden City due to the fact ordinary citizens weren’t allowed admission to it.

2.)Morning Walk at The Great Wall Of China


The only wonder of the world which could also been seen from the moon is enough a reason for me to visit Beijing.As a child i use to go for early morning walks to the nearby park with mom and dad,but little did i know that one day i will come to the great wall of china for my early morning walks .Its such blessing to be here and every time i visit Beijing i make sure i go for my morning walk to the great wall of china.This is bonus of being a cabin crew 🙂


Badaling which is one of the most visited sections of the wall and it could reach sometimes 70,000 visitors per day is my favorite part of the wall .

A Qi State duke first built walls in 656 BC to prevent invasion from other states.
The official length is 21,196.18 km (13,170.7 mi) and it crosses 9 provinces in china.
Nearly 1/3 of the Great Wall has disappeared without trace.
Tip:)Make sure to climb the wall early morning to get avoid the crowd.

3. Jingshan Park



Jingshan is public park located on jingshan hill.It is immediately behind the forbidden city whn you exit ingshan Park was a part of the Forbidden City until the early 1900’s when the walls were pulled down and a road cut through it destroying several gates and buildings between the park and the rear entrance of the palace.The best view of Beijing is from the Pavilion of Everlasting Spring (Wanchun-ting) perched on top of the middle peak, which used to be the highest point in the city.

4.)Temple of heaven


Located in southern Beijing , this temple was built in the 14th century. It was the place where the emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties would worship the god of heaven and pray for good harvest. It is the same place where they prayed to both earth and Heaven ,Mortals and Immortals.Be sure to make a wish or shout your name at the temple’s Echo Wall, which echoes it around the whole circular alter .

5.)Wanfujing Insect food street

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Few years ago i saw a travel show on discovery where tv anchor anthony bourdain was in beijing trying all kinds of chinese food and some of these stuff was totally bizarre.Now 2015 novmeber i found my self at the same street.The wanfujing is not the normal street food in china where you will find chinese dumplings and sweets but it exactly opposite .The 200-meter-long food street has been around since 1984 and is a hot spot for daring foodies.with a selection ranging from scorpions to sea horses ,
Silkworm cocoons , Centipedes  ,Locusts,water snakes, earthworms, caterpillars, lizards,snails,grasshopers, and Giant Spider.

I took a stroll along the market and finally decide to eat the giant spider .
It was crunchy, very salty but i sipped few beers to gulp it down.

6.)Posing at Tiananmen square


Tiananmen square
It is one of the most famous places in china and everyone has different perception about it .
For almost all Chinese people, the first thing they associate Tiananmen with is the founding of the People’s Republic of China, which Mao Zedong announced from the square on October 1, 1949. On this day, the country celebrates its National Day.For rest of the world, the first thing they associate with Tiananmen Square are the deadly protests that occurred there in 1989. A pro-democracy movement led by college students which ended in a massacre as troops moved in on tanks and fired on the crowd.


Tiananmen Square was designed and built back in 1651,serving as entrance to the forbidden City. Many Chinese dream of one day making it to Beijing to visit Tiananmen Square, just as many Americans hope to see the White House at some point in their life.

7.)Lama Temple


Lama Temple (Yonghegong), one of the largest and most important Tibetan Buddhist monasteries in the world.Buddhism is very well liked religion in China because Buddhism guides the people to be honest , it helps to create harmony among the people and have a peaceful mind.

8.) Eat peking Duck

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Peking Duck was on my mind since the first time i had in newyork.The chinese lady who served me there told me that if i ever made to bejing , i should visit the oldest restaurant in china Bianyifang (便宜坊烤鸭店).Originally founded in 1416 during the Ming Dynasty, Bianyifang is the oldest Peking roast duck restaurant in Beijing.First the ducks here are roasted in a closed oven, then it is usually wheeled or carried out to the table, where it is expertly and deftly sliced into 3 layers.Then it placed on your table with miniature pancakes and sugar/garlic sauce .Then meat is placed inside the pancake (like a taco) along with the sauce and then guzzled down by hand.When you eat a 北京烤鸭,you actually are eating a little piece of Chinese history .



By now you must have understood Beijing is all about history and Hutongs make an important of it .Hutongs are narrow alleyways with ancient courtyards which might take you back to the 15th century Beijing.In Hutongs everyone knows everybody else unlike the modern day world where you hardly know the name of your neighbor.You would see some Bejingers playing chess , some having tea outside the house and some eating cup of noodles. To me Hutongs are the heart and soul of bejing and i love getting lost in these Lanes .

Quick Facts
Airport =Beijing Capital international airport

Currency= CNY {1 USD= 6.78 CNY }

Time = GMT + 8

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