Places to see in Sao Paulo

2Top Places To See In Sao Paulo


Ideal place to start your day in Sao Paulo would be Avenida Paulista. Its a 3 Km Road which connects the old city to the new one.It has restaurants , shops and lot of business Institutions .It is like the main street of the city with lot of beautiful buildings and monument.

2.) Musue De Arte

If you are into history and would like to know about brazil’s Artists this would be a good place to spend you afternoon and get away from the Heat.

3.) Mercado Municipal Paulistano

Markets  for me are always a sure way to experience a bit of the city like the locals.There is always something to see and taste in theses markets.Mercado Municipal is housed in a huge building and you can find all kinds of exotic Brazilian fruits and vegetables which you don’t get to see anywhere in the world.There a hundreds of food stalls so make sure you try some Brazilian Feijoada.


Brazil has a large number of Japanese population and this can be seen in the this neighborhood.

5.) Vila Madalena

This is my favorite neighborhood in Sao Paulo.
It has lot of Street Art and some corner bars.Make sure to try the local beer

6.)Praça da Sé’

Well this is a square well locals like to chill in the evening.It has beautiful Sao Paulo cathedral in the centre.

7.)Beco do Batman

A small alley with lot of graffiti and Brazilian street art, this should be in your Itinerary when you are visiting Villa Madalena.

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