What is  Porcupine ?

Porcupines are one of the quietest and dangerous animals in the jungle. They are rarely killed by anyone another animal in their life.

 What is Porcupine

Baba and Porcupine

It seems rather stupid and slow, easy prey, but when it is threatened or attacked, it quills stand erect.If touched, they come out easily in your flesh, and trying to extract them makes their hooked ends go deeper and deeper, causing still more damage. Those who have fought with a porcupine learn never to repeat the experience. Even without fighting it, most people know how to avoid it and leave it in peace.

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Sri Lanka(Colombo)

On 15th October 2016 even before the sun could rise, I had left for an adventure which was waiting for me in a small jungle town called Pinnawale. During the journey, my driver told me about this old blind couple who had some wild animals as their pet.As soon as he said that it was a porcupine, he had my full attention.The last time i heard of Porcupine was in my classroom in Toronto when my class teacher told me that you look like a Porcupine.That was because of my hair, it was all spiked up.


Dada and Amma

The sweet old couple dada and Amma as I called them are really humble and they love to talk about their animals.The porcupines have been with them for last 10 years.It’s a very simple and happy life they live in this small town.I did manage to donate some money which I’m sure would have been helpful to this beautiful family.

It was really an unrealistic experience to spend some time with these beautiful Porcupines who i had last seen in the movie “Jungle Book “.

Porcupine facts!

▪ The porcupine has  30 thousand of quills on its back to provide protection from predators.
▪ Porcupines can NOT throw their quills.
▪ Porcupines are nocturnal, which means they are active primarily at night.
▪ Porcupine vision is poor, but they have an excellent sense of smell.Po

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