How to spend your day in Copenhagen


Copenhagen the capital city of Denmark is rated as the best city to live in the world and i wasn’t  surprised until i reached there.It’s a city that feels good, and that’s not something you can say about many cities today.Imagine a city where you see more bicycles than cars on the streets, where you swim in the harbor and city home to the worlds best restaurant  “NOMA”. Danes just know how to live happily.It s city of creatives, architects and extra ordinary chefs who have made the new nordic cuisine a kind of revolution.

How to Spend a day in Copenhagen

1.)Nyhavn Harbor


Im sure you must have seen this picture  on all the postcards of Copenhagen .Nyhavn harbor was once a busy port but today its a neighborhood  filled with restaurants and bars.The harbor houses 17th century  colorful buildings which are perfect for your postcard image .For me its a place where you just sit by the canal and watch people pass by .

2.)The Round Tower (Rundetårn)



It is  17th century  observatory which was built for astronomers and till date its been used by  some amateur astronomers .To get the best views of the city , you need to climb up which might not be as easy at it looks. To reach to the top you have to walk up the spiral walk, which is 268,5 meters long at the outer wall and only 85,5 meters long close to the core of the building. This means that you walk around 209 meters to get to top even though the tower is only 36 meters tall.

3.)The Little Mermaid



You can’t visit the danish capital without visiting the little mermaid.”The Little Mermaid” is a fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen about a young mermaid willing to give up her life in the sea and her identity as a mermaid to gain a human soul.When the mermaid was 15 she swam to the shore for the first time , where she fell in love with the prince.She asked her grandmother if  she could marry prince to which granny replied humans have much shorter life span than mermaid who love for 300 years.She then took the help of sea witch who helped her transformed to beautiful girl with 2 legs on 1 condition.The condition was she will have to will have to exchange her tongue for 2 legs and she will obtain a human soul only if prince marries her .But if prince marries some other girl she will die on the 1st dawn of his marriage and will never be able to return to sea. The little mermaid agreed leaving behind everyone, she came to the human world where very step was like walking on a knife and to her horror the prince married someone else .The mermaid suffered and died.This statue of her is at the place where she saved the prince’s life and fell in love with him.

4.)Danish Pastry


By this time i’m a little  hungry and the first things that comes to my mind is danish pastry .Since years  we have been eating this in numerous breakfasts around the world but its altogether a different feeling to eat danish pastry in Denmark.Have a cup of coffee on the side.

The city has its share of castles and palaces, which are pretty close by each other .

1.)Amalienborg Castle


Amalienborg is the the Royal Couple’s winter residence. The Amalienborg complex consists of four palaces, built around an octagonal courtyard, in the centre of which stands the  statue of Frederik V, the founder of Amalienborg Palace and Frederiksstaden.The complex was constructed by Frederik V and the 4 palaces were given to the noble families.
Amalienborg became the royal residence after Christiansborg Palace burned down in the night between 26 and 27 February 1794. In the course of a few days, the King acquired both the Moltke and Schack Palaces and then the other 2 .

2.)Rosenborg Palace


Rosenborg Palace was built in the period 1606-34 as Christian IV’s summerhouse ¨in the country¨ just outside the ramparts of Copenhagen. Christian IV was very fond of the palace and often stayed at the castle when he resided in Copenhagen, and it was here that he died in 1648.The last king who used the place as a residence was Frederik IV and around 1720 Rosenborg was abandoned.Around this time there were lot of prominent  art  treasures  collected from various parts of the country and also from Christiansborg palace after it burned down .This led to idea of museum  and finally palace  now serves as a museum.

3.)Christiansborg Palace



Christiansborg Palace has a more than 800 year-long history.Christian VI built the first Christiansborg Palace, which, however, burned in 1794.The second Christiansborg Palace was completed in 1828 during the reign of Frederik VI, but it also burned in 1884. The third Christiansborg Palace was built between 1907 and 1928 and Christian X inaugurated the palace.
The Current palace encloses  some important buildings like thePrime Minister, the High Court, and the Royal Reception Rooms are also located here.

Eat at the worlds best restaurant

noma Restaurant in Copenhagen - Main Entrance

Imagine yourself to dine at the worlds best restaurant .Yes i’m talking about Noma which won the  best restaurant in the world 4 times .Noma is hidden in a 18th century warehouse and boast 2 Michelin star .René Redzepi is the super chef who runs this place .He says Noma is not about fusion food;it is the new nordic kitchen .

TIP; You have to book your table at least a month in advance but incase you forgot , you can try your luck because they do  have few shared tables.

Food market on Papirøen Island


By now i’m in love with the danish capital city and everything that is danish;danish designs, beer, their mentality and yes the food .So when I heard about this place selling all kinds of street food, I knew I had to visit and I was sure I was going to love it.
Copenhagen Street Food is located in the Papirøen, or “paper island”, as its name says, it was initially used to store paper, but has now become the new home of street food in town.I like the whole idea of warehouse where you find containers, food trucks, shacks and stalls selling everything from Colombian food, indian , chinese , thai ,korean,japanese , burgers, Hot dogs, Moroccan, to wine, beer and coffee.
TIP:The Fish and Chips are the best and so is Pulled Burger.

Copenhagen City Hall


This is another beautiful building located right in the heart of the city .The city is the headquarters of municipal council of Denmark.It also has tower which you can climb up to get stunning views of the city .



Tivoli gardens is the most famous amusement park in Europe.I reached here by evening when the twinkling fairy tale lights were on.Tivoli as you say in danish is park for everyone the young and the old, the poor and the rich.It has vintage rides, unique theatre and a magical garden.The fairytale Park is world of its own .

Carlesburg beer


C is for Copenhagen and C is also For Carlsberg . Well if you fancy beer , then you have come to the right city .Copenhagen is where Carlsberg originated and it here where they have still have their legendary brewery .

Hire a Bicycle


This will be the most important thing you need in Copenhagen “the Bicycle ”.Biking in most other cities is not quite the same, and not just because they don’t have the infrastructure. The culture of being accepted on a bicycle, let alone being possibly the most preferred mode of transportation, is unusual.This is what makes cycling in a Copenhagen truly great. Cycling in Copenhagen also produces perhaps the most “local” experience.



Copenhagen is the most livable city but there is another city within Copenhagen—the infamous “free town” of Christiania.Christiania is the 84-acre anarchic enclave founded in 1971 when a brigade of young anarchists took over an abandoned military base on the edge of town and declared it a “free zone” beyond the reach of Danish law. They christened it Christiania.The town has its own flag and uses its own currency.When you enter the town there is a sign which reads,“You Are Now Leaving the European Union.” Christiana is famous for one more thing Marijuana.The city has around 40 shops selling it making it the biggest hash market on the planet.As a result  Cannabis is officially illegal in Denmark but has been tolerated and sold openly in Christiania all along.Some say “Cannabis runs deep in the Christiania DNA”

So i know why  Copenhagen  is the Happiest place to live in the world?A city where you see more bicycles than cars on the streets, city which is so eco -friendly and a city which has freetown Christiana hosting the largest hash market on this planet .

Quick Facts
Time =GMT + 1
Airport =Copenhagen airport
Currency= Danish Krone {1USD =6.78DK}

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