Things to do on a Moscow Layover



Come to a country where people like to have long chats , where people are relentlessly hospitable , where people drink day and night ,where people will help you find your way if you are lost in a city by actually going with you to your destination however far it is, where 2nd girl is a beautiful princess,where legends like Tolstoy and Alexander Pushkin have stayed and the most important man of Russia who turned the Soviet into a world superpower —Mr Joesph Stalin.
Welcome to Moscow {Russia }

Things to do on a Moscow Layover

1.) St Basils Cathedral


It is undoubtedly the most beautiful cathedral in the world. This fairytale Colorful cathedral stands right in the centre of Red square and is on top of the list for every traveller who dreams to visit Moscow.Hundreds of People {both tourist and Locals }can bee seen clicking their pictures with it in the background .

2.) Red Square


The large open square and market area in Moscow has been the geographic and metaphorical center of Russian life since the 15th century.It has an area of 800,000 sq.ft and houses some of the beautiful cathedrals and government buildings such as Kremlin,Assumption Cathedral,Saint Basil’s cathedral ,the former State Department Store called GUM; and Lenin’s Tomb.It is always crowed, noisy and chaotic, at one point of time you might feel whole moscow is here but i guess this is where Chaos meet life.For me Red Square remains, as it has been for centuries, the heart and soul of Russia.

3.)Cafe Pushkin


In the winters of 2013, the whole Russia was snowing .It was brutally cold and to step outside your hotel was like stepping into Antarctica.My mind and heart were at battles , at one side was my comfortable bed and other dream of having dinner at Cafe Pushkin .I put on my Overcoats ,took a bottle of vodka and headed there.The light pink color building with small tiny lights hanging would surely attract your attention , yes welcome to Cafe Pushkin.
As you enter the Café Pushkin you are kindly welcomed by a uniformed porter. He shows you the way to the wardrobe, which is located one floor below in the darkness. The man in the dressing room was also in a proper uniform , he helped me take my overcoat and gave me a vintage coupon with number on it.
I made my way up again and i was escorted by beautiful hostess to my table.In few minutes there was head waiter who came to my table with menu and he didn’t come alone , he had 2 more assistant waiters along him .They got me small table so i could keep the rest of my stuff on it .I gave my order soon and then just started to note down the small details of this place.The restaurant is actually an antique itself!Everything here is vintage which takes you back to history.The 1 first floor is more like 13th century library with things so old and trust me they are not toys , everything in cafe Pushkin is real .I was lost in time;lost in an era which once existed.Cafe Pushkin is dream for me and many others where you are treated like a royalty.

4.)Bolyshoy theatre


So if you are a fan of theatre , art and ballet,my friend you have come to the right place—Bolshoi theatre in Moscow .Its been there since 1776 and has given the world and Russia some great artists. It is Located in Teatralnaya Square and is also famous spot for the locals to spend their evening .The architecture is really unique and should be worth a look .
Tip: Make sure you buy your tickets in advance.



Te statue of Peter the Great is one of the most unique and controversial statue in Russia.The statue is really tall like 99 Meters and stands in the Moksa river.
So who was peter the Great
Peter was one who created Russian Navy and it was him who built St. Petersburg which is considered world’s legacy by UNESCO .Peter was a russian legend however not every one in russia like this statue .Some say find it very ugly and some find it unique.I personally feel this statue is unique with Peter standing on a Navy with russian flags all set to conquer the world.



It is one of the largest Orthodox church in the world.The building is spectacular with its golden domes .What was really striking for me was the entrance to the cathedral. So there is a beautiful foot bridge with artistic street lamps which crosses over the moscow river and leads you to the Cathedral .


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Let the stations be “the palaces of the people,” he ordered. And Stalin’s will was done.When you read this , the first thing that comes to your mind might be palace, mansion or castle but no what stalin was referring to was “MOSCOW METRO ” IF you don’t believe me look at the images below , they are all of Moscow metro stations

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The best artists had begun their work and the finest materials from all over the Soviet union were bought to Moscow.The result was unimaginable , these are not stations but palaces .Stepping into Moscow metro station is like stepping into an Art gallery .
It is journey into the underground palaces of Russia.

8.)Eat Russian Caviar


In all the countries of the world and among all the delicacies found in international cuisine, traditional Russian caviar remains one of the most popular. In Russia as well as everywhere else in the world caviar is a symbol of luxury.Caviar is fish eggs and is one of the most expensive foods in the world , however in Russia it could be find as less as 6$.If you go back to the Soviet era, caviar was a requirement for all the special occasions, and one way to get it cheaply was to help catch spawning fish{one which is laying eggs).The best way to eat it is by spreading it over slice of white bread with some butter and a sot of vodka to accompany it .

9.) Drink Russian Vodka


“Drinking is the joy of Russians. We cannot live without that pleasure,” stated Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev as early as A.D. 988.
Russians drink morning and night ,Evening and afternoon.Yes they love to drink and if there was one guess what drink it would be , the world will shout loudly “VODKA”.Russians love Vodka and its deep rooted in their traditions .Russian way of drinking vodka is from small glasses and its should be bloody cold .

10.) Seven Sisters

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These are the architectural legacy of Russia and Stalin.After the WWII, Stalin wanted to build some tall sky scrapers specially to compete with USA.Initially 8 such Towers were planned but only 7 were built .They are in key parts of Moscow and are also known as ‘Vysotniye Zdaniye’ (literally meaning ‘The High Buildings’).

11.) Old Arbat Street


It is one of the most famous pedestrian streets in Moscow , filled with lots of cafes , bars, entertainers ,ice cream vendors and touristic shops.The famous Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, lived on Arbat Street with his wife, and so did Tolstoy.The street is really lively and can get very busy in the evenings.This should be a must visit in your itinerary .

12.)Gory Park


The park used to be a destination for drunken debauchery, a place where people drank beer and listened to old Soviet songs” ,but it is now a prime hangout for Muscovites.It’s also a great spot to get an ice cream cone, take a walk along the Moscow River, and watch the kids play.

13.)Kamergersky street


If you want to get feel of real Moscow , then this small lane which is hidden from the tourists should be a must visit for you .It is a famous spots for locals to spend their evenings and have drinks and dinner. Its mine favorite too.Kamergersky lane is located in the Tver region of the Central District of Moscow andthe nearest underground station – “Ryad” and “Theatre”.

14.) Kremlin


The Kremlin is both the oldest and the largest fortress in all of Russia. The building’s name literally means, “fortress inside a city,” and is the home of the President of Russia .It is located around the red Square .

Quick Facts

Airport =Domodedovo International Airport

Currency =Russian Rouble {1USD =64.5  RUB }

Time= GMT+ 3

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