Things to do and places to see in Zanzibar


Things to do in zanzibar


Its a  small park in the old town of zanzibar. Locals like to sit around the garden and a beautiful white dome right in the centre of the park. You can see some cute couples sitting on small benches
But this place comes alive after sunset when locals set up their food stalls and prepare their tasty dishes. The Food on the menu is Spicy naan bread, tanzanian samosas, lots of seafood and the meat kebabs is delight.



I love history and forts of all kinds fascinates me. This fort was build by an Arab king of oman in 17th century to defend against the Portuguese. So it is also known as arab fort. The fort has seen few battles but it still stands erect to tell you the stories of the brave men who fought and died here. The graves of all the arab rulers is in vicinity of the fort and the amphitheater which once was a prison now is plays the venue for international film festivals.


Stone Town65

This so far is my favorite part of Zanzibar .
It is old town with narrow alleys filled with mosques, traditional houses , arab markets , persian shops and indian fortune tellers.The town dates back to 18th century when it was hub of slave trading and Spices. THe old post office and the roman catholic cathedral are 2 landmarks of the stone town.
The walk in this town surely takes you back to 18th century.


Darjaani Market64

Bazaars are always a part of my itinerary as they give you glimpse of the life of local .
Zanzibar is small island and this bazaar is the only one in town. Its actually a part of daily routine of all the locals. Atleast once in a day most of them come to the bazaar either to buy vegetables or Fish. This place is actually more or less like meeting point for the people of Zanzibar. In Zanziabar everyone knows everyone and you really don’t need a phone to say hi , just drop in Darjaani bazaar


Prison Island66

As the name says this island had prison once upon a time but it actually never housed any prisoners. The island’s prision got converted into hospital treating the slaves from yellow fever. The Island was isolated and later became a tourist spot with lot of giant tortoises. The prison island can be a nice day trip from Zanzibar.



Melia Resort

It is a luxury beach resort built on a 40 acre estate. With 4 bars and 5 restaurants you can expect some gastronomic food. The evening is filled with live music and the dance by Local massai. The resort is really unique with some of the rooms having open air bathrooms. The Resort is surrounded by natural coral reef which adds to its beauty. This place is my Suggestion if you wish to stay in Zanzibar.

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