Top 12 Things to do in Kuwait ( دولة الكويت)

Top 12 things to do in KUWAIT  (Arabic: دولة الكويت)

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Kuwait City

Ladies and Gentleman welcome to the silent oil kingdom of Kuwait.Kuwait is  a country of surprises and it’s poles apart from other Gulf countries.It’s the 4th richest country in the world and has 10% oil reserves of the world.

Here are top 12 things to do in Kuwait.

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

1.)Kuwaiti Towers

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Towers

They are the Symbol of Kuwait city.You have seen them on TV or in magazines but to see them with the naked eye is an experience of its own.The 3 towers stand quietly at the marina with the Arabian sea at its one side and the Kuwait city on the other.
The towers have an observatory, lighthouse, and around 3 restaurants.The views from the top are astounding and it surely is one of the top 12  things to do in Kuwait city.

Tip: The entry is 3 KD for the viewing sphere but if you eat at the restaurant the entry is free.
It’s open from 9:00 am to 11:30 pm.

2.)Buy an Attar
(Arabic: عطر)

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait


Attar is as important to the Arabs as perfumes to the West.
Unlike perfumes, the aroma of attar stays with you for the whole day while perfume would just last few hours.
So what is Attar?
Attar which is also known as Ittar is a natural perfume extracted from herbs, flowers, spices and barks.It’s 100% pure and alcohol-free.It’s normally bought in small quantities in little tiny bottles called Ittardan.
Some Arabs still practice the old middle eastern custom where they have to offer Attars to their departing guests.
I bought this blue Attar in the souq for just 2KD.

3.)Eat Machboos

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Food

Machboos is the national dish of Kuwait and eating it is surely one of the top 12 things to do in Kuwait.
It is basmati rice served with chicken{or lamb}on the top with a red sauce called Dakkous on the side.
The interesting thing what I like about the dish is that everything is cooked separately.The basmati rice is cooked with saffron and butter, the red Sauce Dakkous is made up tomato, garlic, and olives.Then finally the grilled piece of chicken is placed on the top and the dish is served.

The best Machboos is Served in the Food bazaar in the Al mubarakiya Souq.

4.)Al Qurain Museum

Al Qurain kuwait

Al Qurain

The Al Qurain Battle was an epic battle fought between the huge Iraqi army and 19 Kuwaiti soldiers of the Al messiah group.The battle lasted for around 10 hours.To end this battle Iraqi forces had to use a tank to destroy the whole Al Qurain house from where these Kuwaiti soldiers were fighting.
It’s a gruesome reminder that Wars never do good to anyone.

This is one of the Top 12 things to do in Kuwait.

5.)Seif Palace

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Seif palace

There is something so graceful about this palace like its stupendous architecture.The palace which is home to Emir is close to visitors and taking photos is a strict no-no.But we travelers always find a way to do that 🙂
The most striking feature of the palace is its watch clock which is made of blue tiles and pure gold.

6.)Al Mubarakiya Souq

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Al Mubarakiya Souq

SOUQ in Arabic( سوق )means Market.The main souq of Kuwait is the Al Mubarakiya Souq and it’s around 200 years old.This place surely does transports you back to the middle ages where there are small stalls of handicrafts, Fruits, Antiques, Kuwait flags,traditional, Kuwaiti Costumes, the elderly sheikhs sipping their tea and discussing the morning news.The Souq is like a maze where every small street tells you about the rich culture and age-old heritage of Kuwait.

7.)The grand Mosque

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

The grand Mosque

The Grand mosque is huge and its located right in the center of downtown Kuwait.The architecture is splendid and its interiors are heavily influenced from the Persians.The mosque can accommodate around 10,000 men.
We went there on a Friday and it was an amazing sight to see thousands of worshippers praying Namaz together.
Tours can be arranged to go inside, however, you can pay 3 KD to the security guard to go inside.

8.)Kuwaiti Dinar

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Kuwaiti Dinar

I think I’m a little old school because of my hobbies and one such is Currency collection.I started it when I was 12 years old and I never thought that one day I will visit all those countries whose notes are in my Currency collection Book.
We hear about US$, Euro, pounds but do you know the highest currency in the world is Kuwaiti Dinar.
One Kuwait Dinar is around 3.30 US$, yes you heard me right.It is also one of the only currencies in the world which has a note of 1/2 dinar.

9.)Liberation Tower

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Liberation Tower

This is one of the tallest structures in Kuwait and it does dominate the skyline of the city.It’s closed to the public and you need to arrange a tour to go up there.The gulf war which happened in 1990 between Iraq and Kuwait was really brutal, however, this tower is the symbol of liberation from the Saddam’s forces.

It’s one of the top things to do in Kuwait.

10.)Visit the Avenue Mall

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Avenue Mall

Do you know that the largest mall in the middle east is in Kuwait city?Yes, Avenues is huge with around 800 stores.It’s a themed mall with different sections like Arabic Souq, High-end Brands, Traditional stores, cinemas and food court.The decor is simply charming with huge transparent ceilings and lots of sunlight coming trough it.
You need a whole day to explore this mall.
Also, shopping is really cheap in Kuwait compared to other middle eastern countries which is one of the reasons  l Iove Kuwait.

11.)Cafe Bazza

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Hummus at Cafe Bazza

Cafe Bazza is an old fashioned Kuwaiti restaurant that serves authentic Kuwaiti food.The food here is really finger-licking and is made to the highest quality.Their ambiance is very contemporary and the staff seems to be just okay.I had a bowl of Hummus and pita Bread with it.
This is one of the top 12 things to do n Kuwait.

12.)Gulf War

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

Gulf War (1990)

It’s been 25 years since the gulf war, between the Iraq and Kuwait.On 2nd august 1990 Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi forces invaded Kuwait, shocking the entire Arab world.The war went until 1991 when the Iraqi withdrew their forces and returned back to Baghdad.But the damage was done and most of these places mentioned above were destroyed in the Gulf War.
There is a very famous Indian Movie named Airlift which tells you about the situation of Expats and how 1,00,000 Indians quietly escaped Kuwait during the gulf war.

You can visit Kuwait House of National Works Museum.

My advice Don’t talk about Iraq in Kuwait.

Facts you should know about Kuwait

1.Alcohol is completely banned in Kuwait, which means you don’t even get it in the 5-star hotels.

2.Kuwait gained its independence from great Britain in 1961.

3.The national bird of Kuwait is Falcon.

4.Kuwait is one of the countries in the world without any Railways.

5.Kuwait has 10% oil reserves of the world.

6.Kuwait is 4th richest country in the world as per GDP

Top 12 things to do in Kuwait

My Crewfie

Kuwait is among the least visited countries in the world.Also, the number expats are really less which is why it gives you an Arab feel and that’s one of the reasons Kuwait is so different from other gulf countries like UAE, Bahrain, and Oman.
I think this itself is one of the prime reason for everyone to visit Kuwait and see this country which supplies oil to half of the World.

إن مع اليوم غدا يا مسعدة
“There’s always tomorrow.”—Kuwaiti Proverb

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