Top Things to do in Lagos



Every nigerian citizen dreams of staying in lagos at least once in their life.Lagos the former capital of Nigeria and now one of the most busiest city in west Africa is a city with 20 million people, roughly 19 million of whom appear to own a car and operate it most hours of the day, while the rest of the population zooms around in beat-up cabs and minibuses driven by complete maniacs.
The bad thing about being a tourist in Lagos is that everyone gives you the creeps about what can or will happen to you. So many people feel imprisoned in their hotels but trust me its not so bad as it seems.I did feel the same when i was in the city but the more time i gave to myself, the more i understood the culture and the city .

Top Things to do in Lagos

1.)Third Mainland Bridge



The Third Mainland Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa and the longest of three bridges in Lagos, Nigeria. There is the Eko Bridge, the Carter Bridge, and then the Third Mainland Bridge, connecting Lagos Island to the mainland. It is around 12 kMs.

2.) Silverbird Cinema and Galleria



So this is the most modern cinemas and shopping mall in lagos .Located on Victoria island not to far from city centre this mall is is filled with shops, restaurants and is favorite hangout place for locals in evenings.

3.)Muson Center



The Musical society of Nigeria was founded in1983 to bring awareness of classical music among the nigerians.Getting a very positive response gave birth to the Musical school of Nigeria. There are a lot of musical concerts so check their website for reservations.

4.)Tafawa Balewa Square:


Yes this is the square where Nigeria got its independence on October 1st, 1960 with the Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa, delivering his speech.All the major events of the country are hosted in this square.

5.)National Theater:



The National Theatre is an architectural masterpiece and a cultural landmark located in the heart of Lagos. It is easily accessible from every corner of the city covering an area of about 23,000 square meters and standing well over 31 meters tall.

6.)Oniru Beach


This is a private beach on Victoria island.My driver Kenny recommended me this one as it was safe, less crowded and a decent crowd mostly families.You have to pay 1000NGR {3USD} to enter .There were 2 horsemen , few families and kids playing soccer .The beach was really clean and also had shack where you can grab a beer.

7.)Kalakuta Museum


Kalakuta Republic was the name that musician and political activist” Fela Kuti “gave to the communal compound that housed his family, band members, and recording studio. Fela Kuti was a rebel who was imprisoned for “corruption and possession of cannabis” for 11 months in 1974.Locked in a prison cell called the Kalakuta cell gave the name to his House .He was against the government and also
recorded a song called Zombie, about the Nigerian military regime. In the song, soldiers are called zombies for obeying orders blindly. One of the lines of the song, in pidgin English says, “Zombie no go walk unless you tell am to walk”, i.e., a zombie won’t walk unless commanded to.Tensions were rising between Fela and Military also the song had become very popular in nigeria.In 1977 around 1000 soldiers stormed into the Kalkutta republicans completely destroyed it killing women , men and even Fela mother .Fela was kept in prsion for a month and later released.In 1978 he married 28 women at one time all of them his backup singers again making a controversy.

8.)Freedom Park:


Visit Freedom Park to experience history. The former colonial prison converted into a park is the place to be for its bars, theaters and live music shows.It still has some tiny prision cells.
This is a park that will transport you to what life was like in Nigeria in the past through theater and drama events, old school live bands, prison setting and on a different day entertain you with where Nigeria is going in the nearest future.

9.)Eat Suya


I landed in Lagos at 2pm on Saturday: by 3pm i was eating Suya. It’s like THAT. Suya is mostly grilled chicken,Beef or seafood , seasoned with peppers, spices and mixed vegetables.It’s best when served on a newspaper. But for real. You usually buy it on the side of the road from an old man who’s about 4 feet 10 inches and he hands it over in a newspaper. Immediately, your car smells of suya and awesomeness.You can’t visit Lagos and not buy suya. Although, maybe you can get vegetable suya somewhere, which is a skewer of veggies grilled with the same spices.

10.)African Shrine


The New Afrika Shrine was first started in the early 1970s and now run by his son Femi and daughter Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti. According to my driver this place is where the locals find their freedom . Freedom to do what they like, freedom to talk what they feel and freedom to live . its a huge place with live music playing , you can dance , sing and drink. Its favorite place for locals .

11.) Beer


Nigerians love their beer specially the STAR.This is really famous and can be found everywhere .There is much stronger one too which is Guinness Stout {Nigerian version }7.5% .

12.) Fela


Fela was a bona fide Lagosian. He lived in Lagos, sang about Lagos and trotted the entire span of the city as if it was his stage. It was in Lagos that he prospered as a musician; it was in Lagos that he raised his horn against the draconian times occasioned by military rule; it was in Lagos that he married 28 women in one fell swoop; it was in Lagos that he took his last breath.
I had a very different layover in Nigeria than mostly i have in other countries.There were mixed feeling sometimes fun and sometimes danger.



Nigeria which was colonized by the british in1901 got its independence in 1960.The country since then has become major hub for oil and gas companies.It still has some problems with local terrorist organizations and has less than 10 percent tourism which is comparatively very low to other africa nations .It is also listed among the top 25 dangerous cities in the world but guess who is number 24 London {uk }.
I did find the city safe enough during the daylight and also managed to make few friends , no country is safe in this world its just that you have to be smart when you travel.


Quick Facts

Time =GMT+1

Currency =Nigerian Naira {1USD = 315 NGN }

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