Top Things To Do On Zurich Layover

Being the largest city of Switzerland; Zurich is still one of the most underrated destinations of the country and most often used as a transit point.It is divided into the new and old town of Zurich, with a footbridge joining it over the lake.Incase you find your self in Zurich for a layover (24 Hours ) , here is a list of things you could do.

Top Things To Do On Zurich Layover

1.) Old Town (Altstadt)

Top Things To Do On Zurich Layover


Old town is the heart of Zurich and has all the main attractions inside it .Stroll along the narrow cobbled alleys ,glance at the old school european architecture and eat traditional swiss food at one of the cafes.Old town has everything for everyone .

2.) Take a walk along Augustinergasse Street

Take a walk along Augustinergasse Street

It is one of most alluring and colorful streets in Europe.Situated in the quiet old town , A walk along this alley is a must .

3). Pray at Grossmünster

Pray at Grossmünster

This is most eye catching monument in Zurich.It is huge and stands in the centre of the city. Grossmünster church was built somewhere between in 11th and 12th century and legend has it that the church was built on the graves of the city’s patron saints, Felix and Regula.You can pay a fee of 4CHF and climb up to the top of the tower for gorgeous views of the city.

4). Drink Free Water

Drink Free Water

As I come from the middle east where water is expensive than Fuel and so i know the real value of water.But here in Zurich there are around 1200 public fountains and you can fill your water bottle anywhere . Free water in the one the most expensive countries Switzerland is so cool and you could use that money for some other things.

5). Evening at Zurich Lake

Evening at Zurich Lake

I love to spend my evenings at Lake Zurich , specially the spot near the opera theatre .Come here , sit by the lake with glass of wine or coffee whichever suits you and let the time pass by.

6). Zurich Opera house

Zurich Opera house

The opera house is a remarkable building nearby the zurich lake. I like watching opera although that day it was shut .Its worth taking a picture of this building .

6). Free Bikes

If you are not into walking and still want to save money on public transport , “Züri rollt” offers free bike with a small deposit of 20CHF.

7). Sprungli


In the Cold winters, when the wind blows off the Lake Zurich you can smell the chocolate in the air .This is one of the reason which makes swiss people so happy and happy people love chocolates like me:)
So i made my way to one of the most famous cafes in Zurich—Cafe Sprungli.It has many branches but the best one is at Bahnhofstrasse

Top things to do
The hot chocolate is must here.

8). Cherish the view from LINDENHOF

Cherish the view from LINDENHOF

Its afternoon and i had just picked up my lunch, all i needed was a place to sit and munch. A fellow blogger had recommended me Lindenhof Hill.I hiked up the hill to find this stunning view of the city.You could see the Grossmünster Church, City Hall, the Limmat river, the university and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.Sitting by myself i befriended a a couple and thats how i go to know the story of this place. Lindenhof hill used to be a roman castle before it was destroyed.Now it is park where couples romance, families come for a picnic and lost travelers like me just enjoy the breath taking view of the city .

9. Bahnnofstrasse


This will most likely be the first place you will encounter in Zurich as it is directly outside the main train station.Bahnnofstrasse street is the most expensive shopping street in Switzerland and it is 1.5 kms long.It has all the high end brands and if you love wathces you my friend are on the right place.It worth taking a stroll on this street.

10). Languages

Switzerland has four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Romansh.This is one of the reasons you see several spellings throughout the country .Zurich too has 6 different spellings.

11). Patio of Frau Gerolds Garten

Patio of Frau Gerolds Garten

This is one of the most coolest places in zurich.This spacious outdoor restaurant along the railway tracks is quite unique .It has open terrace with a bar, a beer garden and the whole place functions inside the shipping containers .The food is grown on site and its fresh.The place is really hippy but totally worth a visit .The restaurant is located adjacent to Bahnhof Hardbrücke and behind the symbolic Freitag flagship store.
TIP:It only operates in summers.

12). Fraumünster (Church of Our Lady) –

Fraumünster (Church of Our Lady) –

13). FraumÜnster is famous for its incredibly colorful stained-glass windows designed by Marc Chagall.It exactly opposite the Grossmünster and can be reached by crossing the bridge over the Limmat river.

Quick Facts

Currency= Swiss Franc {1USD=0.98 CHF}


Airport= Zürich Airport

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