Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

” She doesn’t speak English and i don’t speak Arabic , but I guess there is always a language of LOVE ” – Baba Karanveer

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia


Now is the time to visit the historic city of Tunis. Tunis the capital city of Tunisia is filled with a whole bunch of things to do. From food to history and culture to Love Tunis has something to offer to everyone. A country which gave me my first love Nadia and country which gave which Couscous to the world.

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia


Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia


One of the best things about Arab influence in north Africa is the presence of Medina’s. Medina means city or town in Arabic. The medina in Tunis is a small maze of cafes, mosques, and shops. Life really goes back to the 7th century in this place and it everything comes to a still at sunset. Medina is real Tunis to me, it’s here where you see the Tunisian culture. Sit by a small cafe, sip some tea and watch time pass by.

2.) Al-Zaytuna mosque

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Al -zaytuna mosque

Al-Zaytuna Mosque or “Mosque of Olives”, which is thought to date back to the 7th or 8th century is the highlight in the medina. It is the largest mosque in Tunis and the most beautiful one.

3.)Cafe le Mrabet

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Cafe Le Mrabet

Built-in the 14th century, the cafe Le mrabet is the oldest in the country. Come here have some sheesha, sip some coffee and feel the vibe. They have some delicious chocolate crepe. It’s a 5-minute walk from Al-Zaytuna mosque.

4.)Eat couscous

Tunisian food Karanveer


It is widely regarded as the national dish of Tunisia and truly the centerpiece of Tunisian cuisine. Couscous is made of small steamed balls of wheat semolina along with vegetables, herbs, spices, fish or lamb depending on the region.
It is popular across the whole of Northern Africa and is present on nearly every dinner table in Tunisia.

5.) Drink rose wine

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Rose wine

After food, there’s Tunisia’s other secret culinary superpower: wine. The Mediterranean climate and rich soil make it an ideal location for wine production but it’s often overlooked as a wine hotspot. Tunisia deserves respect for its rich wine history. Tunisians first began producing wine over 2,000 years ago, but Arab control in the eighth century nearly eliminated the practice. French colonization brought winemaking back to Tunisia in the late 1800s.Rose wine dominates the scene in Tunisia and its must to try one.

6.)Sidi Bou Said

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Sidi bou said

This should be On the itinerary of every visitor to Tunisia, the hilltop village of Sidi Bou Saïd which is not a secret anymore. The blue and white village is a favorite spot for tourist as well as beloved locals. It’s filled with cafes, ancient houses with beautiful doors, mosque, and museums.Sit at a cafe sip some pine nut tea and adore the beautiful Mediterranean sea.

7.) Carthage

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia


The site of Carthage is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is worth a visit. Carthage city could be dated back to 7th century Bc when it was ruled by seafaring people known as the Phoenicians
Beautiful cities are often eyed by evil powers and Carthage would be no exception. It was attacked many times by the roman empire and finally, the city was destroyed. What now remains are the ruins

8.)Bab el Bahr

Top things to do in Tunis City in Tunisia

Bab el Bahr

Bab el Bahr means “Gate to the Sea”.It’s the gate which leads to the medina and old town. The french actually called the gate between the old town and the European part of the town

9.) Hold a Falcon

Karanveer Gauttam


Falcons are the hunters of the avian world and considered to be one of the most dangerous birds on this planet . They are really famous in the middle east and north Africa. I got a chance to get close up with this falcon in Sidi Bou said.


10.) Other Tunisian Foods

Traditional Tunisian food

Tunisian food


It is Deep Fried pastry filled eggs and Harissa

Salad e Mechouia

– Salad is made of grilled vegetables, olives, eggs, and grilled fish. It’s like a simple Mediterranean diet in a plate.

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Baba Aka karanveer

Baba Aka Karanveer

I would personally like to thank you Nadia for this trip to Tunisia , it wouldn’t be complete if I hadn’t met you and never thought that I will fall in love with you. Time went so quickly and soon we are miles apart from each other and back to our own lives. I hope you have that beautiful smile on your face when you read this Blog.

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