Top things to do on Zagreb Layover


Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia which is divided in to 2 towns ,Gornji Grad (Upper Town) and Donji Grad (Lower Town). Gornji Grad lies on a high plateau and is home to Zagreb’s St Marks church and Museum of broken relationships, while Donji Grad is a more modern area with the Croatian National Theatre.One more thing in Zagreb, you just can’t get lost. There are signs on every corner, leading the way to all of the biggest Zagreb attractions.

Top things to do on Zagreb Layover

1.)St. Mark’s Church


I have seen a lot of churches in Europe and they are extremely beautiful from inside but this church is different from all of them only for one reason , Its exterior .
The roof of the church has the flag of Croatia and this shows how patriotic Croatians are.This church is located in the Upper town.

2.)Museum of Broken relationships.


As weird as it sounds this place actually became my favorite in Zagreb.Museum of Broken Relationships was founded by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, two artists who dated for four years, but broke up in 2003.The idea is that couples who break up will donate to the museum things that serve as painful reminders of their former lover instead of throwing them out or destroying them. It began as a traveling exhibit, but then turned into a permanent museum in 2010.
I Myself donated a small gift of My eX girlfriend .

3.) Dolac Market



It is located behind the main square in the Upper town.I always say the best way to know locals and be like one is to see their market.This is an open air market which sells fresh fruits and vegetables.There is also another section for meat, cheese and bakery.The corn Bread is a another must and things are pretty affordable in this market.

4.)Zagreb Cathedral


Built in the 13th century the cathedral is the tallest building in Zagreb and can be spotted from many locations in the city.I love the vicinity around it , great place to sit , eat and see the life passing .

5.)Lotrščak Tower


The tower has its own story.Legend has it that in 13th century every night they use to ring the bell on the tower before closing the doors to alarm the citizen to return to the city.any citizen who couldn’t make it had to sleep outside .You can pay a small fee for 20 Krone and climb up the tower to get incredible views of the city .

6.)Stone gate


Back in 13th century,Stone gate was one of the gates that connected the upper town to the lower town.The gate had a fire in 1731 but a part of it did survive and so did the the painting of Mary with baby Jesus.Today it still houses the painting and you can light a candle with a prayer of your own.

7.Ban Jelačić Square


Featured among the most 20 beautiful squares in Europe,this is main square of Zagreb located opposite the Dolac Market .Right next to it is the longest and the busiest street Illica which is also the shopping street of the city

8.)Croatian national theatre


This is another beautiful building located in corner of the lower town (Dorni Grad } art. Endless world-famous artists, from ballet dancers to opera singers, have performed on its stage.

9.)The Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters



This palace shows you fine paintings collected by Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer .He donated all this to the museum .If you are person into art , this would be your place .

10.)Art Pavilion Zagreb


Picture an entire building being shifted from one city to another, sounds strange! The Art Pavilion, Zagreb was formerly in Budapest, and then later moved to Hungary to Zagreb, Croatia.
Also located in the dorni grad right opposite the Main Station (Galvni Kolodvor), this place has lush green lawns in its territory .If you are lucky you might find your self in one of the exhibitions here.

11.)King Tomi Slav


King Tomi Slav was in no Doubt one of the most courageous kings of Europe was crowned as the first king of Croatia in 925.There is a statue of his ,where is sitting on a horse in King Tomi Slav square .
He also has beer named after him .

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Currency =Croatian Kuna {1USD =6.8 HRK }


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